Monday, March 4, 2013

American Girl Party

Our American Girl Party turned out perfectly. Lia started to plan her 8th birthday party some weeks ago. She was determined to have an American Girl Party at home with everything she imagined. With the suggestion of my sister-in-law I created this life size AG box for the girls. It was just so much fun to watch them all get in and they couldn't help but smile. I printed out each girl's name on red background and added a velcro strip, then just switched it out for each one, that way their name was on the box. I took each girls photo. They will get a copy of their pic with their thank you note. This box was used to ship a golf bag and clubs, so it worked just right for this project. Although one or two girls had to duck down a bit.

Below was the doll table I made from some board wrapped in a pink plastic table cloth and set atop a box. The hats I made from scrap paper with glued on pom poms and fur trim at the bottom.  Then I attached a elastic string to keep it on the dolls heads. We set the table with small plates, forks and cups. Then we made these mini purses for both the dolls and the girls that come in the pre-packaged AG Purse Favor kits. They were filled with mini red licorice.

We set up a hair salon with chairs and spray bottles along with clips ties and ribbon. That way the girls could do the dolls hair. Our craft table was filled with AG scrap paper & stickers for card making. We created Cootie Catchers from the AG pre-packaged craft kit as well. Then as a group game we played AG Bingo which was a big hit! 

 Cootie Catcher

I kept the food simple. Bagels, fruit cups, celery & carrot cups, chicken nuggets and PB&J sandwiches. The yummy dessert table was filled with vanilla cupcakes with red tipped icing and sprinkles that I made in these super cute paper cupcake baking cups that I found in Home Goods. Strawberries dipped in white chocolate and blue sprinkles. Red & blue jello topped with whipped cream, red jellybeans, star shaped sugar cookies with icing and of course home made chocolates in star and cupcake shapes.

I used plain red paper goodie bags for the favor and then using my Cricut Die Cutter made these star shapes for the front of the bags, filled them with small note pads, nail files, AG stickers and chocolate, then tied them with a matching ribbon.  And added a "thanks for coming" address label I made on the front.  

This was one of our best "At Home" parties.
Lia was the so happy and all smiles!


  1. I've pinned this thinking I would make the AG box for my daughter's party next Saturday. And of all things to find at a yard sale, I found someone selling a box like that. Of course I had to buy it, it would save me the trouble of making one. Looks like your party turned out great. Love all the 'little' details. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Where did you find the small plates, cups and forks? Thanks!

  3. Sorry, long since your party. But how did you make the box look so real?
    I understand the size thing but how do you get the printables
    Help.. AG Party planning as we speak

    1. I used a golf bag box from ups. Cut the back of box to open like a door, and painted the inside back white. I cut a circle in front with Exacto knife. painted it red and trimmed the circle and outline of box with white masking tape. I printed their names from photoshop but you can use red cardstock and a white paint pen. Then cut them out and I used Velcro to swap out names of girls as they went into the box.